How to cut down on stress and improve your health and performance

Stress can disturb every aspect of our life and stop us from living with unlimited abundance. It usually happens when we fail to meet our expectations. This usually leads to emotional tension, anxiety, frustration, and anger . The problem is that if this continues it could lead to reduced performance, making it more difficult for us to get the most out of our work and interactions with our loved ones , family and friends. The good news is that we can cut down on stress and improve our health and performance by taking a few steps.

One of the first steps we can take towards cutting down on stress is to learn to stop taking things personal. You have to remember that whenever you are dealing with others and you actions and behavior do not match their expectations, they will lash out at you emotionally. This may be done through verbal attacks on you as a person or through rumors about your incompetence. You may be called names or even be told to your face how stupid you are.


Unless you have a plan to cut down stress in such circumstances you will find self becoming sick and unable to focus on the task at hand. When we are stressed out we easily get the common cold or flu, we are less able to concentrate and we waste precious time thinking about all  negative comments that have thrown at us by people we interact with everyday.

One of the easiest ways to cut down stress is to actively practice gratitude when your stress is beginning to build up. Become thankful instead of resentful.Be thankful you are alive. Be thankful you can think. Be thankful you can see. Be thankful you can take action. Be thankful you can take a deep breath. For every negative remark thrown at you , remind yourself of times in the past when you have done better, give yourself hope. Remember that where you start or where you are in your journey of life will not determine your outcome or final performance.

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Tips to help you stay safe during exercise

Research has shown that regular exercise is great for your health. While this is true, it is also important for us to remember to take the steps that will make us safe during exercise.Did you that in some rare cases intense vigorous exercise can lead to heart attack or sudden death? Here are a few tips you can use to help you stay safe during exercise.

Make sure you chose an activity level suitable for your level of fitness.

This is a very important tip. One way to be safe is to keep your exercise within relatively easy-to do activities like walking, swimming or playing golf.You can chose to work either at home or in your neighborhood.I like swimming because it is a life-saving skill and when swimming your body weight can be supported by the water, this may even reduce the strain or your backs and your joints. Golf involves a lot of walking and it is a non-contact sports like tennis, and ping-pong.


The second tip is verify . This means that before you start intense vigorous exercise visit your doctor. Have them do tests that shows that your heart  and lungs can withstand intense exercise.Verify, do not just rely on your feelings .

Protect yourself

The third and final tip is that you should protect yourself. This means you should wear the right protective gear for your exercise.If you ride bicycles do that with helmets. If the weather is hot or you have been sweating  lot, drink plenty of water. On sunny or very hot days, exercise in the morning or in the areas where you have a lot of shade.

Apart from the risk to your health, in some instances it is safer to exercise with a partner than alone. This will severe as a deterrent to anyone that would like to disrupt your exercise or even contemplate  it.




Overcoming stress from work

Finding out more ways to reduce stress or learning about overcoming stress from work is one the ways we can keep ourselves healthy, happy and more productive. One of the things I have learned about stress is that unless we pay attention to it and figure out how to deal with in our daily lives we may end suffering from the sudden and debilitating effects of stress.

I found out the hard way that stress from work does not end at work or after work.