I certainly hope you are all having a great fourth of July weekend!!! We can all make our lives more exciting and more fulfilled if  we find ways to overcome the health and stressful issues that hold us back. The first step to beginning this process immediately is to gain a greater understanding  of ourselves and the ways we can take daily action to help us live an exciting life now. Here are the 3 keys that will help begin to live a more exciting life now, despite your busy schedule and time constraints.

Applying these keys to our daily lives will help us manage the stress of modern living better and get a better handle on potential health-related issues that will help us build our our immune system and emotional fluctuations that arise in our day to day lives. Making use of these keys daily will help  embrace a kinder more holistic way of life guided by our choices and actions .

There are three essential elements to living healthily, a happy  and exciting life now:

  • Discipline
  • Eating Healthy
  • Stress Management

Discipline  is the foundational key for living an exciting life  for both the short term and long term. We all know that exercise helps to  us to feel more energetic and maintain a healthy body. However exercise can only help us keep our mind and body  functioning in top form if  actually do the exercises  that suits us as individuals.

There are lots of different types available and any exercise is better than none. Walking, running, hiking, dancing and swimming or some aerobics classes for example will improve circulation to your brain,heart and your lungs as well as increase mobility in your joints. It’s good to incorporate some gentle stretches by way of yoga in addition because yoga increases the overall flexibility of your body without any intensity or strain . However, if you cannot do yoga just do the simple stretches that will help loosen your muscles and joints.

Without discipline we cannot implement our best ideas for long enough to get the results  to help us live an exciting live now.This means that if you have decided to walk  a mile everyday, then  you have follow through until you get the benefits you desire.  Exercise will help us counter the  sedentary lifestyles that dominates our modern life. It also helps us to release the feel-good endorphins that generate a sense of well-being, and helps us to sustain  a sense  of well-being that will help us the stress of daily life better and make our daily lives more exciting now.


The second key that making your life more exciting on daily basis is eating healthy.If you consider that food acts as fuel, you can see that it’s very important to eat foods that are nutritious and energizing. Your food affects you the person, it enhances or reduces your good mood, increases or decreases your mental clarity, your general health and even your skin is affected by your diet. Many people assume that eating healthily means eating food that has no taste and that provides no sense of enjoyment. The key to eating healthily is to start by looking at your common eating habits and figuring out how to modify them. You can do this by reading my book The Compass Health Transformer: Your 72 Hour Blueprint For Healthy Living. This book has easy to use tips on  different strategies for eating healthy without going on a diet.


The third  key to living a more exciting life now is stress management.Stress is a killer; it can have an overwhelming and detrimental effect on your whole lifestyle. When stress escalates, it throws your whole life out of balance and this is not just physically but emotionally or mentally too. Never under estimate how much damage stress can do, although short term stress is natural and more manageable, unfortunately many people endure stress, they live through it, weather the storm and think that they cope but the constant pressure whether recognized or not, can impact your overall health.

Constant pressure can occur through our daily interactions and relationships.Part of the reason why this happens is because  we don’t allow people to get close to us, we restrict our emotions  because we are afraid to get hurt and are too busy to get close to those that really love us. This includes our spouse and friends.If we really want to live an exciting now we have to learn to let things go, and begin to take the daily steps that are productive, constructive and beneficial. Sometimes  it is better to simply keep quiet and give our our loved ones a hug , this could even  help to  lower your blood pressure and reduce stress, and more fun and excitement to our lives.

Putting all these keys together will require consistently taking small steps everyday. After all the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Start small but with determination and deliberation, remember that the only person limiting your progress is you. You can begin the process of living an exciting live now  by discovering your inner compass now.

Discovering your inner compass will help you know whether meditation will help you manage stress or whether as a person of faith praying will help you manage your stress and your desire to  live an exciting life now! If you are prepared to go beyond the traditional view of prayers and use it as one of the tools to manage stress and live an exciting live now then read my book Praying To Win: How To Get More Victories And Riches In Your Daily Life Through Spiritual Principles. This will share with you different strategies for using prayers  to attain balance and happiness  through the circumstances and situations that make up your daily life.

To your health, success, and happiness.












One good thing about discovering your inner compass is tat it helps you gain a greater understanding and insight into yourself. Part of this knowledge includes knowing your personality and how it affects your daily life. Here are a few tips on the ways your personality can help to become more active and more engaging today.

Becoming more active and more engaging in the activities that make up your daily life will make you more fun to be with you, less stressed out and more focused on carrying out the daily action-steps that will help you to achieve your goals everyday. The more you work in an environment  that fulfills your needs the more you are likely to get positive results from your daily actions. Such results would include becoming more active and more engaged when dealing with people. Who does not love someone who is more engaging?

While there are many different models of human behavior to use when trying to understand what makes behave  the way we do, the model I find most practical and useful is the DISC model of human behavior. The DISC personality model of human behavior, classifies people into D,I,S,C types of personality. Knowing your type will help have a better understanding of your basic motivation and your environmental needs. High “D”s are motivated  by challenges and an environment in which authority dominates. High “I” prefers an environment in which friendly relationships thrive and are motivated by recognition and high “S”s are motivated by security and consistent and stable environments wile “C”s are motivated by quality and environment in which there is team participation.

You can find out more about your DISC personality by doing your DISC profile. This is usually useful because it will help find your blended personality. This is important because we all end up being a combination or blend of the  different letters that make up the DISC model. A deeper understanding of your personality blend , will help you get a greater understanding of what motivates you and the environment in which you prefer to work. If you are “C” dominant you will find yourself  doing better in an environment in which team work is emphasized, while a “D’” dominant person would prefer an environment of difficult assignments dominated by authority.

Generally speaking, if you are  a “C” personality type tends to be more cautious and careful , you will find yourself preferring more simple ways to eat healthy, lose weight and easier ways to make your relationships work better. If you ar a”C” you would prefer a collaborative relationship but if you are a “D” you would want a relationship in which you are in charge and would be able  to direct and dominate others.

Since we have blended personalities, you may fond yourself being a combination of the different DISC types. You may be “D?S/C” or a “C/I/S” or simply a “D/S” or any other combination. Getting to know the details of your personality , will help you to know what actions you can take in the different circumstances and situations of your day, to make your day more active and more engaging. Clicking on the “buy button” below will help buy the DISC personality profile that will help you find out your own personality blend and more  ways you can apply your strengths and manage your weaknesses in your daily life.





A simple way of looking at criticisms is to see them as emotionally based negative comments. Like , I said this is just a way to make daily interactions appear less complex than they usually are. This is important to help us find ways to navigate through such challenging situations without getting burnt up our emotions which will ultimately affect our health. Here are tips on how to stay healthy and happy despite daily criticisms.

The first step towards taking daily criticisms well is to learn not take them personally. Remember that the negative  comments or remarks  people make about  you is not necessarily true. When people are angry with you, they sometimes make hurtful comments. Ignore them. If you are really bothered by them, let time pass, then discuss them constructively. However, do not stress yourself out. If you attempt to address the issues and you find yourself getting into more arguments then let it go.

The second tip is to take action. Change location. Go for a walk. Do something different. Do not spend your time brooding or wandering if you have been insulted or not.Focus on taking action that will improve how you feel about yourself. One way to do this is go for a walk or start working on a different project. One of the commonest  mistakes we make when we are criticized is go out of way to argue or to try to prove the other person wrong. This is not usually a good idea because it gets you worked up and releases a lot of stress hormones that can damage your health.

The third tip or dealing with criticisms is to laugh and smile. Doing this will make you relax outside and inside. As you smile , you will eel the tension inside you begin to ebb away and you will begin to feel better about yourself. This will help your emotions  from sadness and anger to happiness. It will also  help you have a more productive and successful day.

Finally, be true to yourself. Work within your inner compass. Take actions that will make feel authentic without feeling phony or being too aggressive towards those who are criticizing you. After all, sometimes criticisms are nothing but a poor way of either expressing a difference of opinion or stating strongly held beliefs. Part of learning to live within your own parameters or reference point is to  take actions that will help you to maintain daily balance throughout your daily challenges.When you are criticized, think, pause and reflect, then use your  greater understanding of your inner compass to find even more ways to stay healthy and happy.


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