3 simple rules to help you lose weight after 50

As you get older your metabolism slows down and losing weight and keeping it off after 50 becomes more difficulty unless you learn to the 3 simple rules I shall share with you shortly.


Stay committed to becoming better as you a have a Merry Christmas

Try as much as you can to stay committed to becoming a better version of yourself as you a merry Christmas. Stay focused on becoming the best you can be inspite of everything. This means inspite of what others might say, how you may feel about yourself or how many difficulties, you might be going through right now!

You have to remember that most great choices in  history where not seen as great at beginning. You should not be surprised that when you finally figure out yourself and begin the process of building up your identity or living your life to the best of your ability, not everyone will support you or even acknowledge that they understand you.

You have to stay committed to becoming the best version of yourself everyday. This means you have to stay committed to improving everyday,. You have accept the criticisms that help you identify either your weaknesses or additional skill sets you need to acquire, in order to become more successful. These could be, speaking in public, communicating better with others, better time management or  more consistent application of what you already know.

Focus on thing first. Apply yourself to it until you see a tangible difference. This will help you increase your self-confidence . It will help you become less likely to argue with others and quarrel during this Christmas. Even if you have gone to visit your friends, in-laws or family. remember that  others cannot define you. Do not focus on negative comments, instead focus on the steps that you can take to help you remain cheerful  and productive!!


Make Daily Gratitude Your Secret For Transformational Living

Everyday has its challenges. Some expected, some unexpected. The key to transformational  living is make daily gratitude a key part of your daily Life.Being grateful for the things you were able to accomplish while having a simple plan for others will help you to cut down stress and communicate better.

One of the keys to communicating better, when interacting with others, is recognizing the different components  of the conflict you have to deal with. According to Satir a conflict consists of 4 parts, you, me, context and subject. Unless you address all components of a conflict, you will continue to suffer its emotional consequences.

When you make gratitude the focus of your daily transformational living, you will learn to look at conflicts as opportunities for growth.Instead of looking at daily conflicts as disasters or signs of failure, you can begin to look at them as opportunities to gain a deeper perspective at what motivates others and determines the actions they take.

When dealing with the “You, Me” part of a conflict, you have to look at the world view of the principal participants in a conflict as well as their personality.After that you have to look at the emotional context or background to the conflict.Unless you look at the emotional context of a conflict with humility and gratitude, you may end up being consumed by the conflict.

At all times, you have to remember that making gratitude a corner stone of your daily life. will help you have peace which cannot be taken away.Protect your health by reminding yourself, even in the most of challenging conversations, that everyday above the ground, is a good day!!!!