When people talk about getting healthy and becoming more active, they usually talk about nutrition and exercise. The forget one vital component: nutrition and exercise:exercise and nutrition   do not occur in a vacuum. They occur in our bodies.How can we get more active lifestyles through sleep? Do you want a more active lifestyle? One way to do is to make sure you sleep right. We can learn a lot from dogs and lions. If you have a pet dog, take time to watch your dog during the day. You will discover that when it is not running around and active, you will find that it is taking nap. This is essentially sleeping in short bursts during the day. Even very powerful large animals like lions , spend a large part of their day sleeping or napping. By taking this approach, these animals balance,their sleep/wake ratio and maintain the optimal health, they need to stay active and survive in the jungle.Poor sleeping habits can make your mood and energy levels go down. Sleep_Design4_01 If you want to have an active lifestyle, you have to maintain optimal health by maintaining your sleep/wake balance through adequate napping. This is because sleep is the vital link between  nutrition , exercise, our body and the active and attractive lifestyle, we have all always desired. You have to sleep way in such that you need to meet your own basal sleep.Basal sleep is the amount of sleep required by your body to keep your body functioning at an optimal point. Sleep patterns are as individual as your personality. The quality of your sleep is often more important than the actual number of hours .However,you cannot completely discount the number of hours you sleep everyday, because of your sleep debt. Sleep Debt is the number of hours you lose due to either poor sleeping habits, sickness, or other problems that keep you awake. We all know that due to pressures from work and family life, we tend not to sleep as enough. Some of us even sleep as little as only 4 hours per day.Yet, studies show that most adults need between 7 to 8 hours of basal sleep per night. Sleep Debt is connected to those times when you are feeling sleepy and tired, even if you just slept for 7 hours. One way to get round this problem is by napping. Most naps are short term and last about 20 or 30 minutes. Studies have shown that there are ways you can nap.You can do by this by having  a planned nap. an emergency nap or a habitual nap.

  1. Planned napping is the act of taking a nap to compensate for having to stay up later than usual. You nap in advance so you can manage to stay awake later into the evening.It may also help pay for your sleep debt.
  2. An emergency nap is one such as having to stop and rest when driving long distances. This is to avoid getting over tired and being involved in an accident. You can do this at a safe gas station or safe rest area.
  3. Habitual napping is taking a nap at the same time each day. Young children are accustomed to having a nap after lunch each day. It would be good for us as adults to do the same.

Improving your sleep balance by napping will help to restore your energy and lift your mood. This will help you get a more active lifestyle  and find more joy and happiness in your daily life. For more ways to remove blocks to your transformative abundant living. Click on Unlimited Abundance.


Going to work everyday can lead to stress and fatigue. For teachers, this si especially true after spending the whole day working with unruly teenagers, who consider coming to school a contest. Yes, a contest in which  teenagers  tries to play pranks on the teacher,so that their class mates can consider them winners.This leads to emotional exhaustion, stress and fatigue among teachers. Here are simple ways to reduce fatigue and manage stress as a teacher before they lead to more serious health complications.

Daily exercise can help a teacher become more energetic and less fatigued. One way to begin this process walking or running at least 2 miles everyday. The great Mohammed Ali said that the fight is not won in the rings but in  the hard yards of running in the morning , especially when you do not feel like doing it. Walking will do, if you do not feel like running. The important thing is to get and go.

Doing this will give such an emotional uplift that even the teenagers in your class decide to start acting up your emotional reserve will be high, that you can begin to see through antics, and recognize their insecurities . Getting a better understanding  of them, can help you to develop diversions like starting the day by going for walk every morning. If this is not possible in your school, you can still them to share the exercises and physical activities from the day before or the weekend.

This is a great idea because, it allows them to stand up in class and talk about themselves. This way they will impress each other with their exploits and feel good about themselves. This  will leave you less fatigued and less stressed out for the day.

The other way to reduce fatigue and manage stress is to go for a walk during your lunchtime. It can be as short as a 5 minute walk, and do wonders for your brain. This is especially the case if you can do it in a designated area. If you don’t have one find out how you can create one in your school.

Finally, do not eat a heavy lunch. This make you sleepy and more brittle after lunch.Being brittle , leads to reduced emotional elasticity and a greater tendency to be stressed out and fatigued. Don’t to it. Keep your meals and snacks light and as fruit -based as possible. It will do wonders for your mood.

To your health, happiness and success.



I certainly hope you are all having a great fourth of July weekend!!! We can all make our lives more exciting and more fulfilled if  we find ways to overcome the health and stressful issues that hold us back. The first step to beginning this process immediately is to gain a greater understanding  of ourselves and the ways we can take daily action to help us live an exciting life now. Here are the 3 keys that will help begin to live a more exciting life now, despite your busy schedule and time constraints.

Applying these keys to our daily lives will help us manage the stress of modern living better and get a better handle on potential health-related issues that will help us build our our immune system and emotional fluctuations that arise in our day to day lives. Making use of these keys daily will help  embrace a kinder more holistic way of life guided by our choices and actions .

There are three essential elements to living healthily, a happy  and exciting life now:

  • Discipline
  • Eating Healthy
  • Stress Management

Discipline  is the foundational key for living an exciting life  for both the short term and long term. We all know that exercise helps to  us to feel more energetic and maintain a healthy body. However exercise can only help us keep our mind and body  functioning in top form if  actually do the exercises  that suits us as individuals.

There are lots of different types available and any exercise is better than none. Walking, running, hiking, dancing and swimming or some aerobics classes for example will improve circulation to your brain,heart and your lungs as well as increase mobility in your joints. It’s good to incorporate some gentle stretches by way of yoga in addition because yoga increases the overall flexibility of your body without any intensity or strain . However, if you cannot do yoga just do the simple stretches that will help loosen your muscles and joints.

Without discipline we cannot implement our best ideas for long enough to get the results  to help us live an exciting live now.This means that if you have decided to walk  a mile everyday, then  you have follow through until you get the benefits you desire.  Exercise will help us counter the  sedentary lifestyles that dominates our modern life. It also helps us to release the feel-good endorphins that generate a sense of well-being, and helps us to sustain  a sense  of well-being that will help us the stress of daily life better and make our daily lives more exciting now.


The second key that making your life more exciting on daily basis is eating healthy.If you consider that food acts as fuel, you can see that it’s very important to eat foods that are nutritious and energizing. Your food affects you the person, it enhances or reduces your good mood, increases or decreases your mental clarity, your general health and even your skin is affected by your diet. Many people assume that eating healthily means eating food that has no taste and that provides no sense of enjoyment. The key to eating healthily is to start by looking at your common eating habits and figuring out how to modify them. You can do this by reading my book The Compass Health Transformer: Your 72 Hour Blueprint For Healthy Living. This book has easy to use tips on  different strategies for eating healthy without going on a diet.


The third  key to living a more exciting life now is stress management.Stress is a killer; it can have an overwhelming and detrimental effect on your whole lifestyle. When stress escalates, it throws your whole life out of balance and this is not just physically but emotionally or mentally too. Never under estimate how much damage stress can do, although short term stress is natural and more manageable, unfortunately many people endure stress, they live through it, weather the storm and think that they cope but the constant pressure whether recognized or not, can impact your overall health.

Constant pressure can occur through our daily interactions and relationships.Part of the reason why this happens is because  we don’t allow people to get close to us, we restrict our emotions  because we are afraid to get hurt and are too busy to get close to those that really love us. This includes our spouse and friends.If we really want to live an exciting now we have to learn to let things go, and begin to take the daily steps that are productive, constructive and beneficial. Sometimes  it is better to simply keep quiet and give our our loved ones a hug , this could even  help to  lower your blood pressure and reduce stress, and more fun and excitement to our lives.

Putting all these keys together will require consistently taking small steps everyday. After all the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Start small but with determination and deliberation, remember that the only person limiting your progress is you. You can begin the process of living an exciting live now  by discovering your inner compass now.

Discovering your inner compass will help you know whether meditation will help you manage stress or whether as a person of faith praying will help you manage your stress and your desire to  live an exciting life now! If you are prepared to go beyond the traditional view of prayers and use it as one of the tools to manage stress and live an exciting live now then read my book Praying To Win: How To Get More Victories And Riches In Your Daily Life Through Spiritual Principles. This will share with you different strategies for using prayers  to attain balance and happiness  through the circumstances and situations that make up your daily life.

To your health, success, and happiness.










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