3 keys to cutting down stress from your relationship

When you cut down stress from your relationship with your loved ones and friends you will find your self more calm and more productive. This will help you to see more opportunities than problems through your daily encounters with others. Here are 3 keys that will help you cut down on stress and help you to more fully embrace transformational living .

The first key to cutting down stress from your relationship is to acknowledge  that most people you interact with everyday are probably doing their best. Really ? yes! Remember that everyone is doing the best they can at  any given moment. This does not mean you will like all the outcome or the result all the time. This does not mean you will like the nature of every interaction but it will give room to put things in context and reduce emotional tension when it builds up.

The second to cutting down on stress when dealing in your relationships would be to Focus on solutions. Rather than focusing on your emotions, focus on how you can resolve the situation. Rather on focusing on who is at fault focus on how you can demonstrate empathy in your conversation and interaction with others without appearing to judge others. Nobody likes to be judged or be told that their point of view is wrong. Pick your battles and focus on making sure that you get an outcome that improves the situation.

The third to make sure you reduce stress through interactions in your relationships is to make you focus on the issue at hand rather than on the person involved. Address the issue rather than the other person.  If you attack the other person you be attacked. Hurt begets hurt. If you do not attack the other person you can reduce stress and calm the situation . If you want to learn more ways to reduce stress in your relationships get a copy of my book Overcoming daily stress!!!!!

3 keys to effective time management

The main difference between those who achieve their goals and live the lifestyles of their choice and those who do not is time management. What were you doing with your time on the past one hour?Where you taking productive action or being distracted?

The first key to effective time management is identifying your main focus. Unless you are clear on your main focus for the day or the hour , you will end chatting your time away without accomplishing the task of the moment. Time is always ticking. There is a limited amount activities you can engage in at once. By identifying your main focus , you can make better use of your time and become more productive.


The second key to effective time management is avoiding distractions. There  will always be internal or external distractions that can lead away from your main focus or the task at hand. You have to remember that the closer you are to achieving clarity the more distractions you get. Random thoughts that come into your mind and lead you away from your target can make you waste more time than necessary as you try to take consistent action that will help you accomplish your project of the moment.

The third key to effective time management is project-driven time utilization. Make sure you are clear on what your main project for every 3 months of the year looks like. if you are not clear on this idea or strategy get copies of my book Are You Tough Enough To Be Great?This will help you to identify which projects or courses from the compass wellness institute that will make the ,most impact at this point in your journey of  transformational living.

3 Ways To Find Peace During Challenging Times

Though creating inner peace is a choice, the challenges of daily living through interactions at home , at work or at play can make it difficult to attain.Each day, we’re faced with the choice to create peace or create stress. This can be a challenging task on a good day. On a bad day, it feels impossible. The constant ups and downs in life are a given. They’re largely uncontrollable. But you can control your response to them.You response to nay situation is entirely up to you.  This is true even if some situations are emotionally more disruptive than others. You can learn to feel peaceful in challenging times.

The first way to find peace when dealing with challenging times is to give yourself the advice you would have given to a friend. When you are emotionally disrupted through your daily  encounter the  path forward is more obvious to you if you imagine someone else is struggling or you imagine that your friend has the same challenge you’re facing. What advice would you give them? Give yourself the same advice.

The second way to find peace during challenging times is to ask yourself  what you’re learning from this experience. Are you learning the importance of saving your money? Are you learning not to overextend yourself? Are you learning how to deal with the death of a loved one? Are  you learning how to be more careful before you speak or conclude? Are you learning the need to speak out early? Ask yourself what lesson you have learned from this hardship and how can apply to the future.

The third way you can find peace through challenging times is to write a journal. Writing a journal will help you let your emotions flow out onto paper. There’s something cathartic about writing. It feels like the emotion is leaving your body and taking residence in a new location.  This will give you an opportunity for emotional clarity and recovery after an intense emotional disruption. If you want to find out more unique and creative ways to write a journal get a copy Living Stress Free Where You Are Volume 2