Stop saying negative things about yourself

If you want to cope with daily stress and make yourself more perform at a very high level then you have to learn to stop saying negative things about yourself.


Sleep more to reduce stress and improve your health

If you spend more hours sleeping, you will reduce your overall stress level and improve your health.Sleep is a natural bodily function just as breathing, eating and drinking are. Did you know that you will spend a third of your life sleeping?

Everyone recognizes the importance of sleep. You know you feel tired and have no energy when you miss sleep, plus your moods and general well being change. Your stress level will also go up. You will become more easily irritated and annoyed.

Despite these advantages of sleeping well and disadvantages of insufficient sleep, many people including children and their parents do not make a good night’s sleep their priority. They end watching television late into the night or they are busy on their mobile devices.The result is that a large number of people start the next day sleep deprived and stressed out.

A ton of research has gone into understanding the benefits of sleep. Sleep has been shown to help improve immune function, your metabolism, memory as well as your ability to learn. Sleep is required so that your body can run and perform at optimal levels.

Sleep has been shown to help your learning and memory function. There are two main benefits connected with this and sleep. The first one is quite simple and that is a person who is deprived of sleep just cannot focus properly, so they will not learn effectively. The second benefit is that after learning something new your memory consolidates this information while sleeping. So studying just before going to bed is a good thing.

Getting adequate sleep has been linked with living longer. Research shows that people who slept under 5 hours per night were more likely to die early. This does not mean that you want to oversleep either, too much sleep is also connected with a shorter life span.

Your health can also be affected by the quality of your sleep. People who sleep less than 6 hours a day often suffer with health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, suffering from a stroke and heart disease.

This has been linked to them having more inflammatory protein levels in their blood. When these issues are treated and more sleep is accomplished the protein levels have been shown to decline.

Your creativity levels, athleticism and school grades can all improve by sleeping more. It was discovered that many children with ADHD were actually sleep deprived.  It is recommended that young children get more than 8 hours of sleep per night.

If you are trying to lose sleep has additional benefits. Dieters who sleep more find that they can lose weight quickly. This is because your metabolism and sleep are controlled by the same areas of your brain. If losing weight is your goal, then try and get a good night’s rest every night.

As you can see sleep really does have a major impact on your life. If you are having difficulty sleeping then look for ways to improve this. One way to help you sleep well at night is to go to bed at a set time every night. Thirty minutes before that time start winding down. It is not the time to start a new episode on Netflix or begin a new novel or book. Leave unfinished projects for the next day, instead of spending all night on one project then struggling through the next day.


Overcoming the stress of job disappointments after your degree

It can be very disappointing if you are not able to get a job after putting the work to get a degree.  For some people this disappointment quickly leads to stress. The best way o deal with this type of stress is to use careful  planning and creative thinking to get the best job opportunities for you.

The first step in this process is to research your options.Don’t be discouraged by the fact that your future direction is clear to you yet.Talk with others , do an aptitude test and ask questions.Ask your college placement center questions.

Secondly explore nonprofits. While some corporations hire liberal arts majors as well as MBAs, other organizations may be targeting candidates just like you. Look up charities and professional associations that match your interests.

Review your accomplishments. Draw on your activities outside the classroom and the office. Maybe you’ve excelled in leadership or financial management by serving as chairperson of your theater group or keeping the books for your local animal shelter.

Create a portfolio. Assemble work samples that will show an employer what you can contribute. Put together writing samples, videos, and other resources.

Conduct your own Job Search through the internet.Choose keywords carefully. Automated searches may make it more difficult for employers to find you if your background is less oriented to their keywords. Edit your resume to include widely used terms in your chosen field. This is a very important point that most people forget.If you forget to do this, you will spend many sleepless nights wondering what you have to do next.

Look into internships. Internships are a great way to learn on the job. Clarify your responsibilities and inquire about any available stipends.

Focus on communications and problem solving. Most human resources studies suggest that these are the top two highly valued skills. Rehearse short stories you can tell about the favorable feedback you received as a graduate teaching assistant. Discuss how you found a less expensive venue for your chess club’s monthly meetings. Showing that you are accomplished will make you feel better yourself. Go for your interviews prepared.

Showcase additional skills. Many positions also require strengths in reading, writing, and logic. Think about how you can apply your current expertise in new contexts.

Network vigorously. Networking is always your best bet. Ask others how they arrived at their present position. You may find some great idea

 Think long term. Look at entry level jobs as one stage in your career path. Getting your foot in the door opens up more possibilities. Analyze any job offer in terms of its growth potential.

If you do not like what you are getting in terms of offers that fit the direction you want to take ;Head back to school. Earning an advanced degree has many advantages in some fields. With a Master’s degree or a doctorate you may be able to teach or do consulting work.

Be on the look out for additional training.  A community college or training center can prepare you to earn a good salary at many trades while you read psychology books at night.

Finally don’t be afraid to be great!!!!!!!Work for yourself.Start your own company. Pursuing the studies you love without getting discouraged by tuition costs and employment figures proves your determination. Apply that resolve to starting your own business or doing freelance work.

The great thing about working for yourself. is that you can set your own timetable and eliminate the morning and evening rush hour.Keep on keeping on. Positive action helps you to overcome chronic stress and stay healthy and productive.