3 Tips to help you reduce your blood pressure naturally

Sometimes when people are talking about natural ways to reduce stress they forget to deal with the issue of our daily relationships. As human beings we are part of a complex web of relationships that influences how we feel , how we act and we interact.Good management of our relationships can help us feel good about ourselves, reduce stress and reduce blood pressure.

Society is defined as a web of relationships, which requires all parties to work and contribute their share in order to achieve a common goal. Having a relationship that is good, where cooperation and respect are manifested, can person feel better and more fulfilled. This will make feel less frustrated and more likely to willing help out in projects and group activities.When we fell good and relaxed our blood pressure stays down , but when we feel unappreciated and frustrated our stress level shoots up and our blood pressure builds up. One natural way you can lower your blood pressure would be to build up better  relationships by managing our conversations, expectations and outcomes.IMG_1121


The second tip for keeping the blood pressure down through natural activities would  be through doing regular strengthening  exercises.You can do this with weights and you can do it with your own weight in your own home. If you want to learn the step by step way regular exercise can help you reduce your blood pressure then click on: 15 Simple Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally After 40 Without Complicated-Diets

The third tip for reducing your blood pressure through natural means would be to stop gossiping about others. If you stereotype others and they hear about it, they will get mad at you. The sad thing is that if they decide retaliate you probably won’t take it lying low. The next time you get angry, the more your stress hormones will rage and do more harm to your body through increased blood pressure.

While the three tips given here on how to reduce your blood pressure naturally focused on relationships and exercise, there are many more simple and effective ways you can reduce your blood pressure naturally. While most people have an idea what to, majority also fail at consistently implementing the ways they learned or discovered. If you are in a similar position and you are tired of it, then click  on: 15 Simple Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally After 40 Without Complicated-Diets to find out for yourselves how applying the compass method can help you reduce your blood pressure and save you from moving from one nursing home to another.

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Tips for staying calm in a stressful situation

The more clearly you understand yourself, the more clearly you will be able to figure out what steps or actions will help you to stay calm in difficult or stressful situations.The more you are able to do this in your daily life the more you will be to improve your health. This is one the reasons why there is a lot of emphasis on discovering your inner self in the Compass Method.Here are some tips for staying calm in  a stressful situation.

The good thing about these tips is that once you learn  and apply them in one situation, you can apply the principles to other stressful situations you may encounter in daily life. The first step in this process is to protect your self-esteem. In order to stay calm in a very stressful situation you have to make sure that other people’s behavior in such a situation does not make you lose your self-esteem.One way to do this is to stay focused on what you can control. You cannot control how a person will talk to you but you can control how you respond or talk to others. Avoid the mentality that promotes a response where everyone fights back all the time.Stay out of this, it will stress out and ruin your self esteem.

The second tip towards staying calm in a stressful situation is to think on your feet and adjust to the situation as it unfolds. Every stressful situation will test your flexibility and adaptability and one size does not fit all. Sometimes your most obvious response might be your worst one, think before you act. Even if you are right, arguing with a man with a gun might lead to your death. A better option would be adapt to the unequal balance of power and out the armed and dangerous person.Remember that a green bug in a brown field is easy prey for the birds.Do not let your emotions get the better of you in a stressful situation, step back and think first them act strategically.wall paper Ralph Emerson quote

The third tip for staying calm in a stressful situation is to admit your feelings to yourself. If you are afraid admit to yourself then try to figure out how to make the situation better.This is part of the process of accepting ourselves as we are. Once you know yourself, well enough to admit your own shortcomings, then you can start looking at stressful situations that bring out your most negative feelings as a learning experience. This change in mindset will help you to  stay calm in such situations and reduce the stress usually associated such an environment.The more you are able to reduce daily stress the more you will be able to improve your health and thrive.change










3 steps to help you reduce internal stress

If you want to be healthy and improve your daily performance, you have to reduce your internal stress.When internal stress  becomes a daily recurring event , It can damage your sense of well being and your health.Here are 3 steps that help you reduce internal stress. IMG_0960

The first towards reducing your internal stress would be to identify your own common sources of internal stress. After you have identified your common sources, you need to begin to take daily action that will modify the effects of these sources on your daily life.Unless you take action, your results will remain the same.

For most people the number one cause of internal stress is poor time management.This typically leads to too much time being spent on activities that do not genuinely enhance well-being, increase productivity or performance.

Eventually this leads to frustration and more stress. Why? There is a daily accumulation of important activities or schedules that are either not being done or that are done in such a hurry that the results end up not being as effective as desired.  To change these results and live a more focused, productive and more stress-free live, you need to mange time better!!!!



The second step towards reducing internal stress would be to to set SMART goals.This means setting goals with a corresponding day to day,”action plan” to implement them. The more you fail to achieve your weekly goals, the more stressed you will become. To avoid this, you have adjust the internal process through which you make decisions.

The third step that can help you reduce internal stress would be to stop,”over promising”.  Be careful in making your promises so that you can keep them. Try to form the habit of ” under promising”  and over delivering so that you will not spend too much worrying about the people you have disappointed or will disappoint The less you worry about others and focus more on being the best you can be, the less stress you  will have and the healthier you will become.IMG_0952