Overcoming stress from work

Finding out more ways to reduce stress or learning about overcoming stress from work is one the ways we can keep ourselves healthy, happy and more productive. One of the things I have learned about stress is that unless we pay attention to it and figure out how to deal with in our daily lives we may end suffering from the sudden and debilitating effects of stress.

I found out the hard way that stress from work does not end at work or after work.


Managing your blood pressure through your conversations with others

If you have hypertension or high blood pressure your are probably familiar with the idea of watching what you eat by not adding salt to your food or meals and cutting down on your weight.However have you considered that you can also manage your blood pressure through your conversations with others?You can do this by using some of the strategies I shall share with you in this post to cope with the stress that can arise through our daily conversations.

Coping with our conversations is important because  this is an activity we all participate in everyday. We interact with other through our conversations. We  do this by listening to others, talking to others and responding to what others say or have failed to do.Unless we are able to make the distinction between what needs a response what does not, we may end up getting worked up. The idea of getting worked is even a less acceptable option for you when you have high blood pressure.

A simple strategy for coping with the potential emotional tension that may sometimes arise from our daily conversations would be divide them into ‘Little rocks” and “heavy rocks”. Little rocks are those conversations you can either afford to overlook or can decide to ignore without losing out significantly. What is an example of little rock conversation?If you are  in the midst of a conversation with your brother and he is arguing that the sun goes round the earth, what will you say? Will you continue to argue even when you have shown him irrevocable evidence and he continues to argue? Arguing for arguing sake will only get you worked up and build up your blood pressure. This is an example of the “Little rocks” in a conversation. Let it go!


Win by living in the moment

If you want make this year, your year of winning, then you to live in the moment. The only part of our of lives which is fully within our grasp is the very moment which you are find your self in. Whether you are at a basketball game or waiting to be seen by your doctor or checking out at the grocery store, live in the moment.

What does it men to live in the moment?