3 practical ways to cope with stress during the holidays

As we approach Thanksgiving Day,which is usually the unofficial beginning of the holiday season,it is important to look for practical ways to cope with stress. This is important because both short-term and long -term stress can quickly accumulate during this period and can have negative consequences for you health and well-being.

Generally speaking people try to tackle their problems by either  trying to understand why they occur with the hope that a deeper understanding will help them solve their problems, while others  try to focus on solutions that help them eliminate the  problems or help them to avoid dealing with such problems. A third approach is a combination of both. When it comes to stress and the holiday season, the approach that will be shared with you will largely solution-based.

The first practical strategy for dealing with stress during the holiday season is to spend less than what you have. Be honest with yourself. When trying to buy gifts and all other things during the holiday season, spend within your budget. This will help you to avoid financial pressure and protect you against emotional pressure.

The second strategy is to do your shopping early. If you  shop early you will have found a solution for dealing with the human crunch that occurs at the eve of every main  holiday during the season. You do not have to deal with the long lines at the check-out counters or the rush to grab the last toy, the last shirt or skirt from the shelf in the store. You do not have to spend your time driving round in circles at the parking lot, looking for parking spaces.

The third strategy is to make sure you you have a list. Yes! A list! This is a practical solution that most people consistently ignore. Without a list you will not be sure  what you plan to buy, what you can afford to buy or what you have bought. You may even end up buying the same item twice! The confusion that arises from the  decision to shop without a list can leave you stressed out and confused.

It is important that we take simple practical steps to help us cut down on stress during the holiday season. Did you know that there is a substantial increase in stress and heart attacks during the Christmas period?



3 Ways To Reduce Stress When Dealing With Negative Situations

It is easy to be stressed out when things are not working the way we want. Sadly this is usually the case when we have to negative situations in our daily lives.These could occur for a number of reasons. It could be because you are late for an important event or appointment or it could because you have to deal with negative people or completely unexpected obstacles to your plans. The bottom line remains that unless you deal with the stress generated from these negative situations, you will end up with negative health consequences like high blood pressure. Here are 3 ways to reduce stress when dealing with negative situations.

The first way is to make your case. The second way is to “let go”. The third way is to develop an alternative solution then move on. You have to learn to make your case when dealing with negative situations by stating your point of view.Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by a loud negative person. State your point of view or perception of the situation, slowly and calmly. If you are in a hurry click on 9 Best Ways To Deal With Negative People, Protect Your Health, And Be Happy
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The second step is to be prepared to let go. This is because sometimes stating your point of view calmly will lead to an unexpected explosion of anger from a negative person. This is because your decision to speak out will be seen as a challenge. Instead of getting into a meaningless confrontation with the potential for a physical confrontation, walk away.

The third step would be to develop an alternative solution. To do this, you have to think deeply about the negative situation you are dealing with. Can you figure out where the different parties involved in the negative situation are coming from? If you can try to create a win-win situation for everyone.

The bottom line is that you need to find a way to protect your health by reducing the stress can be generated from such encounters. Do not look at negative situations as an opportunity to get even,instead look at them as an opportunity to learn more about how effectively you can manage stressful situations, without losing your ability to think , act and transform. For more solution-based strategies for dealing with negative people and negative solutions:




Don’t get upset over daily disagreements

You cannot live your daily life without disagreements. We are not dollar bills to be liked by everyone. We are human beings with personalities. strengths and weakness. We all have different perspectives about what is right and what is wrong.

If you want to stop getting upset over daily disagreements, you have learn to let go. When you get upset, it builds up tension and your stress level. When you find yourself being negative – angry, down, jealous, etc. – you also unknowingly drain your energy and enthusiasm. You just have to try keeping these negative feelings in the low, because giving in to these emotions would sometimes make you unreasonable, and you might end up making bad decisions in your daily life.


Bad decisions can lead to bad actions and bad outcomes. Driving when angry can lead to accidents.Talking when angry can lead to fights.When people upset you by what they say or what they do, they get under your skin and make you loss focus, unless you decide to focus on the positive. When you focus on the positive through your actions, thoughts and better communication, you put yourself in a position to transform and thrive!!!!