Happy Thanksgiving and much more

Happy Thanksgiving and much more.I hope you are having a great thanksgiving. Sometimes having a great thanksgiving can be challenging with limited time and unpredictable interactions. Please be careful when driving today because a few people may have had more than one or two drinks and are still driving.

Three keys to getting much more out of your thanksgiving.First decide on a place that you want to have the thanksgiving that will lead you to enjoy your day with least amount of stress.Don’t think only of yourself but think also of the potential problems previous meetings had caused and make adjustments.

The second key is to spend only the appropriate amount of time on the events that make up your thanksgiving dinner. The more time you spend trying to lease others, the more likely you will run into crashes you cannot deal with. keep on time and leave when you have to leave instead waiting for others to tell you what to do or approve of your behavior or time concerns.

The third key to having a great thanksgiving and a happy holiday  season is to expect the unexpected.lnstead of letting unexpected events freak you out , focus more on making the most out of your situation and circumstances. You can never stop improving and you can always find something to be grateful for even if those around you prefer to focus on the negative .I hope you had a happy thanksgiving as you get ready for a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!

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How to cut down on stress during the holidays through transformational competence

If you want to cut down on stress during the holidays through transformational competence , you have to start by investing in yourself. Here are a few  ways you can cut down on stress through greater self-mastery which is considered one of the 5 fundamental competences of transformational leadership.

If you want to reduce stress during the holidays , you have to be prepared to lead yourself and others through transformational leadership. Here a few tips to help you do that:

  1. Don’t make the whole holiday experience all about you through endless competition. Don’t compete about who has bought the best presents . How can you determine who bought the best present? Focusing on such outcomes would only lead to more stress and less clarity about the purpose of the holiday season.
  2. Clarify your purpose. You may want to use meditation as part of your spiritual practice or take a completely secular approach. Meditation is not necessarily religious. You can develop greater peace of mind with your own set of beliefs.Once you have clarified your purpose help others do the same without criticizing them.
  3. Separate facts from feelings. Introspection helps you to distinguish between actual events and your inner thoughts and emotions. As you train yourself to think objectively, you can achieve greater control over your reactions. Say happy Thanksgiving to others even if they say nothing to you.

  4. Develop insights into your interactions. Examining your mind also helps you to understand yourself and others. You may discover the root causes of your stress and how best to deal with it. Maybe you’ll want to replace negative expectations with a sense of curiosity. Perhaps you’ll pay more attention to the kindness you receive from others instead of conflicts.Don’t assume that because you are in the holiday season everyone will be nice to you.


How to cope with criticisms and transform

One of the keys to transformative living is the ability to cope with criticisms. Criticisms are usually hurtful because they direct negative energy towards you and lead to emotional tension and disruptions. Here are a few tips on how to cope with criticisms and transform.

The first key to coping with criticisms is to realize that most criticisms reflect the other person’s perspective. This includes how the other person’s feels things should be done, how you should behave, solve problems and their expectations. They usually include quick snap shot judgments  and definitive statements on your character and abilities. Since you have the ability to learn from your mistakes and improve , you have to learn to ignore criticisms  that lead to negative snap shot statements because they are usually unconstructive.

The second key to coping with criticisms  is to use them as opportunities to expand your mindset and improve. This is a very important concept because as long as you live and interact with others there will always be critics and criticisms. Whether it is a simple transaction in the grocery store, restaurant, football field, simple office work or more complex ones like meetings or conferences, you have to be prepared for the unexpected and take the necessary action to diffuse the potential emotions that may arise. You can do this by speaking, keeping quiet or walking away. You have to make the decision and take the action that helps you to transform and improve instead of the one that allows you to get emotionally even.

The third to key to coping with criticisms and transforming yourself through your daily interactions is to maintain your space and sense of well being through transformative competence. This will help to maintain your inner enigma and effectively manage emotional disruptions through transformational infinite adjustments.