3 common mistakes to avoid when trying to reduce daily stress and thrive

We already know that daily stress affects different aspects of our well being and health yet it remains a a recurrent problem.In an attempt to reduce daily stress and thrive, we sometimes end up making some common mistakes that end up undermining our efforts.


3 mistakes to avoid when trying to use gratitude to improve your health

Gratitude or thankfulness can be used to improve  your health, if you use it to manage daily stress. One of the sources of chronic daily stress is direct t human interactions. This is especially in the form of conversations or transactions between adults. Here are three mistakes to avoid when trying to use gratitude to improve your health.

The first mistake you need to avoid when trying to improve your health through thankfulness is to stop taking everything personal. You have to learn to let things roll off your body, just like water rolls off a rock. If you are the first in the office, but your are not the first to be called. Don’t get mad,  be thankful.Be thankful that you could get to the office on time. Be thankful that after waiting patiently you can speak up calmly and achieve the purpose of your visit.Give the people in the office the benefit of doubt.

The second mistake to avoid is delaying using thankfulness to stay fully in the present moment when people upset you. Begin your own mantra of gratitude immediately State ten things you are grateful. It could be that you are grateful that you are alive and well.You are grateful that you could open your eyes, walk with legs and can still remember the names of your loved ones. Try this, you would be surprised at how the simple act of stating what you are grateful , can quickly help change your perspective, reduce stress and improve your health.

The third mistake that you need to avoid when trying to improve your health through gratitude would be to stop assuming that you need to express gratitude only once and everything would be fine. Sometimes you need look inside yourself to find the calming effect of being thankful. Instead of blaming others look into your mind and find out how your own world view and personality could be preventing your mind and your body from getting the full benefits of living in gratitude.

Focusing on being thankful or expressing gratitude in an environment of chronic stress  is one the natural ways to reduce blood pressure . You can also learn about more natural ways to reduce                     your blood pressure by reading 15 Simple Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally After 40 Without Complicated Diets


3 Tips To Help You Manage Time Better And Reduce Daily Stress

Living with chronic stress everyday is dangerous for your health and productivity because it gradually wears out the organs in your body.It can be associated with problems like chronic headache, ulcers, weight gain and high blood pressure. Some of the reasons for chronic build up of stress during the day is related to poor time management. Here are 3 tips to help you manage time better and reduce daily stress.

The first  is to cut down on distractions. Don’t start your morning by watching your favorite TV program and check up on one or two things on social media.If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media sites, you may find yourself wondering where the time has gone after you’ve spent an hour on one of these sites. The next thing you know you have either missed important deadlines and become stressed out.

The second step you can take to manage your time better is to track your tasks or relaxation time. Make sure your give a time frame for every activity you intend to do.You can start with the larger  and more difficult tasks first then do the smaller and easier ones letter. Work with a time frame, it may be necessary to stop a difficult task if you are running out of time.Just remember to go back and complete it.You can also take advantage of great online tools like Google Tasks to help you track where your time and energy has been spent.

The third tip to managing time better and reducing daily stress would be to delegate. Some people have difficulty with delegating tasks to others. At home you can get the the kids can to help fold towels and at the office you can get a  good writer in your business to help develop a sales page .Delegate. You’ll be saving the energy and time. This help you save yourself  from burn out, increase your productivity and protect your health.