Overcoming the stress of little daily activities

Stress is something we all have to deal with everyday.It comes in various forms, It can be from going to work, going shopping or parenting activities. Whichever way it comes, it usually related to emotional tension and anxiety. As a parent , stress can come from little daily activities like picking up your child from school or waiting for child to come back home from a visit to a friend’s house. How can you overcome this type of daily stress?

One of the secrets to overcoming daily stress is preparation. One way to prepare well for your daily activities is to begin on time. However, even more important than beginning on time, is training your mind on how to anticipate the unexpected and embrace it. Embracing an unexpected event or outcome, is not quite the same as accepting it.

One of the daily little activities you may have to participate in , as a parent may be picking up your child from school. Sometimes this can be a happy occasion full of smiles and hugs, other days, your child may barely acknowledge you  or even be openly hostile. What will you do? If you get angry and start demanding respect and attention, you may end up making the underlying emotional tension worse. This will usually make the stress level or both sides go up.gorilla sense


One way to over come stress under such circumstances may be  to try to find out about their own day or say nothing for the moment.   This may be counter intuitive, but if you think like this, it will help you, stay detached from the moment while embracing the moment. This will help reduce tension, if you are not angry, and will save your heart from unwanted chemical pressure. I know that that staying in the moment, while being  detached from the moment is one of the secrets to daily happiness,  you can learn more about it, from my book The Secret To Daily Happiness: How To Get Yourself More Focused, More Fulfilled And Happy One Moment At A Time.

Preparation will also help anticipate or foresee in order to rule. It help you forecast anticipated outcomes and be prepared in advance. If the weather forecast  says its going to be a cold day, won’t you put on your jacket or give your child one for school. If you know , you will late for an appointment, call  ahead.  This will save from you from driving like crazy in an attempt to get their on time


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This  can be scary and could even lead to accidents or traffic tickets. The worst part about of either of these outcomes, is that you will still end up late. An alternative to speeding through traffic, when you cannot call ahead of time, may be  preparing your mind for worst-case  scenarios and developing alternative solutions.

Why is this important? This is important because our daily happiness, health, success and improved performance are all tied to how we manage stress. If you are interested in simple but effective daily strategies for fun-filled transformational living then get The Secret To Daily Happiness: How To Get Yourself More Focused, More Fulfilled And Happy One Moment At A Time.


Overcoming obstacles to your daily happiness

Dr. Chio Ugochukwu One of the benefits of taking good care of your health as you get older is that you will be stay active participate in fun-loving activities for a long period of time. However, in order to do this you have to stay committed to eating healthy, exercising regularly and mingling with friends and family.Obstacles to these types of activities can lead to sadness. photo 4(1)One of the biggest problems with being sad while trying to cope with the challenges of daily living especially in the context of day to day family life and work life, is that it can easily lead to other problems, like eating too much, being moody and getting more aggressive. It may even make you begin to drink alcohol in an attempt to cope with unexpected stress.After all, it was not too long that a world famous musician said, “Forget your sorrows and dance”. lamp-blank1   Unless you think about some of the obstacles to your daily happiness and how you can  overcome them, you will become saddened and overwhelmed . One of the ways to overcome the obstacles that may rob of your daily happiness is to stop over scheduling.By the time most people get to 40 years and above, they find themselves dealing with their spouse, their children, their in-laws and their work.  Without being careful on what to schedule for each day, a person can easily become overwhelmed and sad.You may even find yourself, not having enough time for yourself. Grab a copy of
workout You may even want to work out but due to poor scheduling, you may not be able to do so.One way to improve and overcome the problem of trying to do too many things in day is t learn to cut down on the number of daily projects. You can do this scheduling only three major projects per day and three minor projects per day.By doing the major projects first, you will end up with more time to do the minor projects, less stress for day and more productivity and happiness. You can find out about more ways and strategies to overcome obstacles to your daily happiness, and help yourself stay focused on living a happy, fulfilled and successful live everyday by reading my new book The Secret To Daily Happiness: How To Get Yourself More Focused, More Fulfilled And Happy One Moment At A Time.
Have a great day and never give up on transforming yourself into a better person everyday.


Managing time for success

Unless you manage your time better, you will not be able to get the results you want from your daily activities.When it comes to personal growth and transformation, time management is indispensable. One quick tip for managing time everyday is to write down your list of planned activities.For this to work, you have to actually take action without getting distracted.



Distractions can internal or external, but unless you curtail them, you will not be able to manage your time for success. This is one of the advantages of writing down a list. It will help to remind you of what you have set out to do and what you have done. Sometimes it even helps to check how much time, you have spent on each item on the list. Doing this will help you know, if you are spending too much time on a given project.

If a project is taking too long, step back and figure out why. Is it because, you need help? Are you approaching it the wrong way? Asking these kind of questions will help you make adjustments and make the changes that will help you transform your self and become more successful.

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