3 ways to lose weight now that the holidays are over

If you are like most people you probably gained a few pounds during the  holidays. Have you started thinking of how you can lose weight now that the  holidays are over? Here are 3  ways you can lose weight without stressing yourself out:

    1.  Watch the portions you eat.  If you truly consistently cut down on the portions of the food you eat, you will gradually lose weight and get back to your weight. Eating in moderation is one way to quickly . Cut your food portion by half and increase the fruits and vegetables part of your daily meal.
    2. Cut down on  alcohol. Now that the Christmas party  and other holiday parties are over  you can now cut down on alcohol consumption. It is usually more difficult to watch what you drink during the holidays with the invitation to many parties and celebrations. I know that  it is easy in such situations to take one or two drinks out of politeness or trying to be good company. The problem with cocktails and alcohol is that they are often high in sugar and other empty calories, and they can lower your willpower and make you more likely drink more than you planned to.prepare-1280x1024
    3.   Walk more. Find an excuse to do more walking. The more you walk during the weight , the more you will burn off more calories and clear up your mind. Whether you go to the parks , to the gym or simply walk at home, make sure you keep track of the   number of steps you take everyday. The more steps you take the more calories you can lose provided you make sure that you stay prepared and take action. You can also lose weight through The Compass Method For Natural Weight Loss Without Complex Diets Or Strenuous Ex

Never give up on your goals

Do not let your worries and concerns make you give up on yourself. Never give up on your goals. The more you know about yourself and the different aspects of yourself or the challenges you need to overcome as you pursue your goals the less likely it is that you will give up your goals. Here are a few tips to help remain focused on your goals throughout the day. 

  1. Face yourself and your thoughts. Some unconscious thoughts can be disturbing. Remember that bringing them to the surface is the first step in healing. Once you spot your baggage, you can develop more constructive habits.

  2. Examine  your body. Your body is an excellent guide to how to find your flow. Notice what conditions help you to lower your shoulders and unclench your jaw.What conditions make you feel frustrated and unhappy? The conditions that make you feel unhappy will magnify your concerns and worries and make you less likely to fulfill your goals.

  3. Slow down   your breath. Simple breath work helps beginners and advanced practitioners to become more mindful. This will help you live in the moment and become less angry.Notice the air as it enters your nostrils and travels through your body. Spend as much time exhaling as inhaling. This will help you to stay calm and focused.
  4. Develop clarity. Picture your mind as a pool of water. As the ripples settle, you can see under the surface. What’s going on when you put aside housework and utility bills? Connect with your aspirations and dreams.

  5. Count your blessings. Engage with the present moment by noticing what you’re grateful for. Celebrate the taste of morning coffee and the sound of your children laughing. Celebrate your family and friends.

  6. Practice daily. Work your way up gradually and consistently. Even a few minutes of stillness can be beneficial.

  7. Take a break from work.  This will help to stay fresh and effective.


7 Tips to help you make your relationship with your spouse less stressful

Try as much as possible to remember that stress can reduce your lifespan irrespective of what caused it or whether it is due to relationships at home, work or family. Disagreements between spouses can be very emotional and challenging. This is one of the reasons why it is good to get tips that will make your relationship with your spouse less stressful.

  1. Set aside your quiet hours for recollection.Keep aside time for reading and other quiet activities free from electronics, music, and loud conversations. Go a step further and leave the TV off round the clock unless you plan to watch a specific program.
  2. Lower your voice.Don’t yell .Try to catch yourself raising your voice or interrupting each other. Make an effort to speak softly. It helps to diffuse tension and keep things calm.stay-calm-1152x864
  3. Listen carefully. It’s easier to pay attention to each other when it’s quiet. Encourage your spouse  to share their feelings and concerns.
  4. Set regular bedtimes. Enforce age-appropriate bedtimes that encourage healthy sleep habits. Change into pajamas, dim the lights, and read stories to prepare for you sleep. Bed time is not the time to get into arguments. Arguing will only end up increasing your stress level whether you are right or wrong.
  5. Eat together. Spouse that eat together have more opportunities to gain a better understanding of each other. The dinner hour also gives you a chance for extended conversations and closer relationships.
  6.  Use weekly meetings to continue communications and bonding. Stay positive and include each other  in important  discussions and decisions. If you really want to reduce stress remember to make having daily fun part of what you really share together . Do you look for opportunities to bless your spouse or do you only see tell them their faults and shortcomings?bless-opportunities-1152x864
  7. Expect the unexpected. Your spouse is a human being like you. Don’t forget that you can do everything right and you will still be seen as a trouble maker. Are you tough enough to be great?