Overcoming weight gain during the holidays

Most of us are already in the midst of the holiday season. For those who celebrate, the holiday season already started with Thanksgiving. This will go on to include Hanukkah,Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and New Year. This is usually a period of time when there is a lot of celebrations among families and friends going on. Unfortunately the holidays are also associated with stress, eating too much and not having enough time to exercise. These three factors usually lead to weight gain during the holidays unless we take steps to overcome their potential effects.


Stress affects all of us in many different ways. Sadly for some of the way we react to stress is to eat more. We may do this buying more food, taking more snacks or drinking more. Stress  and anxiety during the holidays may come from getting ready for parties or hosting end of the year parties or Christmas parties. These are times when disagreements are bound to happen.


If you do not want to gain weight during the holidays, you have to learn to quickly overlook little disagreements so that they do not become conflicts that will completely stress  you out. Secondly if you are stressed out, go for a walk or find ways  to exercise instead of trying to cope with it by eating.


One little trick that will help you not to eat too much during the many parties and celebrations you will have to attend during this holiday season is to eat at home before you go to the parties. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should a full meal , however if eat a little and snack fruits and vegetables, you will be full enough to enjoy your parties without overeating. The logic is quite simple, if you do not eat too much during the holiday season, you will not gain too much weight.


During the busy holiday season, people find themselves having less time to keep to their exercise schedules. They end up exercising less. Whatever do make out time to exercise, even if it means doing so at unusual times and in unusual location. The problem is that if you cut down on your exercise regimen while eating a lot more, you will end up gaining weight during the holiday season.

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Stretch your limits to overcome daily stress

First, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. This is usually the beginning of the holiday season which will include Christmas and New year. This is a time when we spend a lot of time buying presents for our loved ones and dealing with family relationships. Though this is supposed  to be a time of joy and happiness, it turns  out to be a time of stress for a lot of us. We all already know that stress can be bad for our health. Chronic stress can lead us to sleepless nights , tiredness and reduced concentration. This can lead to health problems like hypertension and heart disease. It can also lead to unintended consequences like drinking too much alcohol, drunk driving and accidents. Did you that heart attacks and accidents occur at a very high frequency during the holiday season? One way you  to avoid putting yourself at risk, during this Christmas period would be learn to stretch your  limit. I will share with you three ways you can expand  your limit and a live a more abundant life even as we deal  the challenges  of health, finances and relationships. You can stretch your limits in your relationships by keeping quiet when you feel like talking. This can be at home, at work or when you are shopping. How many times have kept quiet and in the next sentence, all your concerns resolved ? In your mind your you are glad  you kept quiet because you were just about to yell and make a big fuss!!!!!

The other two ways to stretch your limits and overcome daily stress would be to mange time better and deeper your understanding of your self so that you can live more congruently with your inner self.


Overcoming the stress of little daily activities

Stress is something we all have to deal with everyday.It comes in various forms, It can be from going to work, going shopping or parenting activities. Whichever way it comes, it usually related to emotional tension and anxiety. As a parent , stress can come from little daily activities like picking up your child from school or waiting for child to come back home from a visit to a friend’s house. How can you overcome this type of daily stress?

One of the secrets to overcoming daily stress is preparation. One way to prepare well for your daily activities is to begin on time. However, even more important than beginning on time, is training your mind on how to anticipate the unexpected and embrace it. Embracing an unexpected event or outcome, is not quite the same as accepting it.

One of the daily little activities you may have to participate in , as a parent may be picking up your child from school. Sometimes this can be a happy occasion full of smiles and hugs, other days, your child may barely acknowledge you  or even be openly hostile. What will you do? If you get angry and start demanding respect and attention, you may end up making the underlying emotional tension worse. This will usually make the stress level or both sides go up.gorilla sense


One way to over come stress under such circumstances may be  to try to find out about their own day or say nothing for the moment.   This may be counter intuitive, but if you think like this, it will help you, stay detached from the moment while embracing the moment. This will help reduce tension, if you are not angry, and will save your heart from unwanted chemical pressure. I know that that staying in the moment, while being  detached from the moment is one of the secrets to daily happiness,  you can learn more about it, from my book The Secret To Daily Happiness: How To Get Yourself More Focused, More Fulfilled And Happy One Moment At A Time.

Preparation will also help anticipate or foresee in order to rule. It help you forecast anticipated outcomes and be prepared in advance. If the weather forecast  says its going to be a cold day, won’t you put on your jacket or give your child one for school. If you know , you will late for an appointment, call  ahead.  This will save from you from driving like crazy in an attempt to get their on time


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This  can be scary and could even lead to accidents or traffic tickets. The worst part about of either of these outcomes, is that you will still end up late. An alternative to speeding through traffic, when you cannot call ahead of time, may be  preparing your mind for worst-case  scenarios and developing alternative solutions.

Why is this important? This is important because our daily happiness, health, success and improved performance are all tied to how we manage stress. If you are interested in simple but effective daily strategies for fun-filled transformational living then get The Secret To Daily Happiness: How To Get Yourself More Focused, More Fulfilled And Happy One Moment At A Time.